Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ferryboats, Bikes, Horses and Fudge

We've had a lot going on this week.  Most of it revolved around a sick Bug with numerous doctor visits, and even a trip to the ER.  Thankfully it was nothing serious and she's on her way back to full health, but it definitely made for a long week for mom and dad.  So, I'm going to try to finish re-capping our trip, which we thankfully squeezed in before these spots, and the resulting drama, appeared...

Mackinac Island

After our ride, Dad and Grandpa drove back to the Leg's Inn to pick up the van with all of our luggage, while Grandma, Carys and I boarded the ferryboat to Mackinac Island.  This was Carys's first time on a boat and she loved it!  I think she was entertaining most of the passengers with her squeals!  We arrived on the Island really close to Bug's bed time, so Grandma and I hightailed it over the Main Street Inn to check in.  Can I just say, I love this hotel!  I never want to stay anywhere else (although I've never stayed at the Grand Hotel and may have to check that out one of these days). This is the second year we've stayed here.  It just has a charming, comfortable feel to it and the staff is so friendly, but what really seals the deal for me is this little box of amazing goodness waiting for you in your room...

I forgot to take a picture when we got there, so I stole this from the website, but in case you don't know Mackinac = Fudge, and Joann's is the best.  We had the chocolate toffee flavor waiting for us, and it was heaven!
Btw - this lady just rode 51 miles and still looks amazing!

After the boys arrived with our luggage and Carys was fed and tucked in bed, it felt great to have a nice hot shower and recap our ride with pizza, beer and great company.  The next day was just as beautiful and we spent some time mozying down Main Street before heading back to Mackinaw City. 

Carys was ready for breakfast and wasn't super excited about posing on a turtle

Umm, yeah, he's totally hooked!

We were hanging out on the lawn and a couple of kids came over to entertain Carys.  She loved them!

Cruising back to the mainland

The Mighty Mack - I think it's pretty cool that Scott's Grandpa helped build this bridge.

After lunch in Mackinaw City we started our long drive home.  We had an awesome time and it felt great to spend the weekend outside enjoying the beautiful weather - can't wait for next year! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ZDM & Road Trips

Zoo-de-Mackinaw!!!  This past weekend was our annual trip to Northern Michigan to ride in the Zoo-de-Mack.  We love this weekend and always have a blast.  This year was extra special because it was Bug's first ride with the family.  Scott and I have done the ZDM together for the past five years (although I participated only in spirit last year since I was pregnant), and for the last couple of years his parents and brother have joined us.  In case you didn't check out the link above to find out what ZDM is all about, I think I should clarify that this is a 51 mile bike ride and has some pretty good climbs, especially in the first half, so yeah Carys has some pretty cool (and tough) grandparents!

2008, Leg's Inn

We arrived at Boyne Highlands early on Friday to get settled in and organized for the ride on Saturday.  The weather was absolutely beautiful - we couldn't have asked for better!  We had lunch on the patio at the Main Lodge, and Carys had fun playing in the grass for the first time while we were waiting for our food. Sorry, this is small - I took it with my phone.

Then we hit the giant hot tub!  It was actually a little too hot, so we just put our legs in.

Knowing that 51 miles might be a bit much for Bug's first ride, we decided she would hang out with Mom for the first half and then we'd meet Grandpa, Grandma and Dad (Unfortunately, Uncle Jr. was sick and couldn't make it this year) at the Leg's Inn for the lunch stop and all ride the second half together.

Sidenote - If you ever find yourself in Northern Michigan, you must drive M-119 (start in Harbor Springs) through the "Tunnel of Trees" and up through Wilderness State Park to Mackinaw City.  Along the way, make sure you stop at the Good Hart General Store.  This charming little store has everything a road tripper could ask for, it's even a post office, and is always a welcome rest stop for us after battling the tough climbs in the first part of the ZDM.  Then for lunch, you have to go to the Leg's Inn.  This Polish restaurant has great food, rustic charm and amazing views of Lake Michigan.  It's one of my favorite spots!


Okay - back to our ride, we met for lunch at the Leg's and enjoyed a beautiful picnic on the lawn overlooking the lake.  Carys probably wins the prize as youngest participant, even though we saw a few other young riders.

After lunch, Carys and I geared up and joined the family for the second half.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do since I've only been on my bike twice since Carys was born, but it was such a beautiful day and the scenery was so amazing, that I enjoyed every minute of the ride.  Scott got quite a few remarks as he passed other riders, some wanted to know what was in the trailer (a keg?), but most just offered an encouraging, "Go Dad!"

Carys loves the Burley (thanks G&G!)  Most of the time she falls asleep and this time was no exception.  After looking out the window for a bit - she was out!  About halfway through the second leg, we always make a pit stop at a golf course along the way.  We had a quick snack here and then headed for Mackinaw City!

I think this year's ride was the best so far.  The weather was perfect and even though I didn't get to do the whole ride, it was just so fun to have Carys with us and see her enjoy riding as much as we do!  The only thing missing, was this guy...
ZDM, 2007

We missed you Uncle Jr.  It wasn't the same without you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Big Girl

Carys loves being a big girl and drinking from a cup, but unfortunately her favorite thing to drink is her bath water.  She thinks its hilarious to pick up her teapot and take a big swig.

More than anything though, we are just happy to see this girl back to her sweet, silly self again.  Carys was sent home from daycare last Wednesday with a fever.  She was fighting a fever off and on until Saturday, then on Sunday she woke up with a rash all over her head, face, chest and back.  It was hard to see her sweet, little face all red and splotchy, but we are thankful that she is almost back to full health with only a few traces of the rash left.  Even though she wasn't feeling well, I think she enjoyed spending her days with Mommy and Daddy.  We split the time staying home with her, and she was a happy girl to have our full attention all day! 

Note: I do bathe my child in clean water - this particular bath we added oatmeal, that's why it looks dirty! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Birthdays and Swimming!

We headed back to Michigan a couple weekends ago to celebrate our friend Nick's first birthday.

We had a blast at the party and Carys had a really good time playing with Nick and all of his cool toys!

Another failed attempt at a family least Carys is smiling even if it's not at the camera!

After the party, we headed to our hotel and had more fun swimming with Daddy in the pool.  Showing off her swimsuit...

And now I leave you with this... I mean really, check out those thighs...I can't stand it, I love them!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I decided to start a blog to help our family keep up with what's going on in the life of our little Love Bug! Also, since I've never had the time, talent or interest to scrapbook, I'm hoping it will serve as a virtual record of our sweet Bug's life. I kept telling myself that I need to start a journal, write in her baby book, document her birth story, but 9 months later I've got nothing but memories and they are fading fast! So, here it goes...