Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2010 Flashback

Carys tried her first food - avocado - and loved it!  We also took a little trip to see Nicholas and his mom and dad.  The kids loved checking each out!

We had a special visit from Grandma Alice.  She came for the weekend and then stayed a few extra days to watch Carys while Mom and Dad were at work.  She loved playing with Grandma all day!

Carys took her first plane ride and was so good!  We went to St. Augustine, FL for a short getaway.  It was cold, but we still had fun!

We celebrated Carys's first Easter and she loved emptying out her Easter basket!

May was a busy month.  We took two trips to MI, one to celebrate our friend Nick's first birthday and a second to ride in the Zoo-de-Mack!  Carys did great in her first bike ride!  Unfortunately the month ended with a sick baby and even a trip to the ER, but thankfully everything was fine and Carys was back to her sweet self in no time!

June marked the beginning of a very exciting and busy summer for us.  Carys decided to heck with crawling and was cruising all over the place.  We took a fun trip back home to the UP for Scott's family reunion.  I loved meeting so many extended family members, including some fun cousins that came all the way up from Texas!  Also, June marked the end of an era for me.  I said goodbye to my paying job and became a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I can't say that every day has been easy, but it is by far the best job I've ever had and I'm still so thankful that I get to do this!

In July we loaded up the truck (and van, and car, and Uhaul, and another truck) and moved to Beverly home to Michigan!  Also, Carys took her first solo steps on the 4th of July, and even Uncle Hoon was here to witness it! In the midst of packing though, we were able to squeeze in some super fun trips to the beach and the zoo.

This was probably the best month of the year.  We took what is now our favorite family trip to Bar Harbor, Maine and celebrated Carys's first birthday.  Also, Carys officially began walking while we were in Maine - we have soo many great memories from this month!

We spent a lot of time outside this month with many trips to the park, downtown, and of course the apple orchard.  Carys also started swim lessons and we joined a fun, new playgroup!

More fall fun this month with a special trip back to the farm with the Quads, pumpkin picking and of course, trick-or-treating!

The beginning of the month we headed north to watch Scott and Uncle Hoon compete in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race, which I just realized I never blogged about.  Then of course there's Thanksgiving - yum! Always the highlight of every November - I love Thanksgiving.  We had so much to be thankful for this year, and I loved being able to celebrate in our home with our family!

We had so much fun this year celebrating this Christmas with Carys - it was pure joy to watch her get excited and now I can't wait for next year!   

I do realize that it is February of 2011 already, but I had started this post in the beginning of January and just never finished it!  It was fun to look back and see how small Carys was at the beginning of last year, and how many fun memories we made.  I'm also very thankful that I have this blog (even though I've been a slacker lately) because it is so much fun to have these special moments documented.  I already love looking back at older posts and I'm sure it will be even more special as Carys gets older!