Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Milestone: First Haircut

I have been putting off Carys's first haircut.  Even though she was rocking a Carol Brady mullet, I just couldn't bring myself to cut her hair.  When she was born, she had the sweetest long hair at the base of her neck and even though she went through a period where she lost most of her hair up top, she never lost that hair.  But I knew when my sister, stylist extraordinaire, came home between her move from Nashville to NYC, it would be the perfect opportunity.  So, when the day came my mom and sister came over to our house.  Grandma gave Carys a pedicure with purple sparkle polish while Lynnette first cut my hair.  I think it helped watching me get my hair cut, because when it was C's turn she was excited.  (I'm sure the fact that it was Aunt Nettie helped a lot too - she loves her Aunt Nettie!)

The hardest part was getting her to stay still!  We took this funny video of us trying to distract her while Aunt Nettie snipped away.


The final result is adorable. Not very noticeable because we just trimmed up the back, but helping her layers even up made it look thicker, fuller and just plain sweet.  She was super excited to show Daddy when he got home, and it was quite obvious that she didn't mind the extra attention from her pedicure and haircut one bit.  I'm so thankful Aunt Nettie was here to do it for us, and since it was such a success I'm thinking for our next cut - we'll just have to fly to NYC to get it done!  


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

From our little Sparkler!

Hope your family has a fun and relaxing holiday.

God Bless America!

And Happy Birthday Aunt Nettie...We love you!