Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness - Show Us Your Life

Kelly's Korner is hosting the Show Us Your Life series every Friday and today's topic is Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.  I've been reading Kelly's blog for awhile now, but as a new blogger this is my first time actually participating, so I'm really excited!

While I was at it I figured I'd include some cute photos of the star of this blog.  
Here she is with her favorite toy!

So, I'm thinking I really need to step it up in the random kindness category because I had a hard time coming up with ideas.  I always try to be polite and courteous because let's face it - no one likes a grouch.  Plus, life's too short to be crabby, right?!

Anyway, I do remember a time when someone performed a random act of kindness on me!  I was in the drive thru at Tim Horton's and got up to the window to pay for my french vanilla cappuccino (yum) and was told the car in front of me had already paid.

Now, in truth, the guy totally cut in front of me in the drive thru line, so I don't know if it counts when it's more out of guilt than anything else, but seriously... it made my day!  I was totally not expecting it.  It even made me feel a little guilty for exclaiming what a jerk he was just a minute earlier!

So...that's my idea to share.  Make someone's day by paying for your order and their's the next time your in the drive-thru.  I know I'm planning on it, and I'm also hoping I get some more fun ideas from everyone else.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Christa, found you thru kelly's korner...I think I need to step up my random acts of kindness. I can think of things but haven't done any of them. Welcome to the blogging world - your daughter is precious.

  2. Hey! I found your blog from Kelly's Korner, and I gotta say, I am totally jealous! You have a Tim Horton's? The only time I have ever been there was when I was in Canada for a week and I was HOOKED! Great post and you have an adorable baby! :)

  3. That's a classic RAoK. Pleased to meet you!