Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Less Than Impressed

 I mentioned in my last post about Carys being sick last week.  She actually had a reaction to the medication she was on for an ear infection.

The reaction started with a fever on Monday, progressed to a few spots on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night we were sent to the ER at Children's Hospital because her skin was completely covered with red welts and her hands and feet were turning purple.  Needless to say, it was pretty scary.  In fact, we were in the midst of a full on panic when we got called back.  We had just been sent from urgent care to the ER by a doctor who had enough gray hair to indicate he's obviously been around for awhile.  He had even mentioned "infectious disease control" when talking about the experts available at Children's.  So, when Doogie Howser walks in, takes one quick little look at our screaming baby (we've got major stranger danger going on right now) and says, "Oh yeah, just a reaction to something, probably medication, nothing to worry about," we were less than convinced.  I tried to carefully express my doubts in his opinion and thankfully, he was quick to offer a more thorough exam.  This time he agreed that it was indeed a "very impressive reaction, but still nothing to cause major concern."  He also suggested that we have another doctor take a look, just to be sure.  In the end, all four doctor working in the ER that night stopped by to take a look.  They all agreed that it was likely an allergic reaction to the medication, and that yes, it was very impressive.  I don't know about you, but when my daughter is turning colors I think the last word I would use to describe it is impressive!  We were thankful though that the doctors were so patient and understanding of our fears and panic.  And I was so glad that Doogie didn't cop an attitude after I questioned his initial diagnosis. 

 After all that, we left Childrens' feeling exhausted, but relieved.  And this little Bug was a happy girl as soon as we left the building, even though it was way past her bedtime!  On the way home, after saying a thankful prayer that everything was okay, I couldn't help but think about the parents that have really sick children and what they have to go through.  Those families have been in my prayers lately, and have really made me think twice when I start sweating the small stuff.  We have much to be thankful for and I've been trying to keep that as my daily focus!

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