Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maine Trip Re-Cap Part 2

I'm going to try and get through more than 1 day in this post!


We planned ahead for Tuesday morning and loaded everything the night before to head out for a bike ride right after we woke up and had breakfast.  

"Don't worry Dad - I have the map!"
There are carriage roads throughout Acadia that are off-limits to cars, and are perfect for biking.  Scott had mapped out a loop for us the morning before, so we got there bright and early and took off.  

Fueling up!
"Let me check the route one more time..."
"Don't worry Cookie, this will be easy."
"Okay - we're ready, let's ride!"
We started at the Jordan Pond House and road past Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake.  Carys fell asleep so we decided to tack on a few extra miles and head around Witch Hole Pond as well.  The scenery was beautiful.  I have to admit that even though I knew Jordan Pond was a popular spot in Acadia after our hike along the Atlantic the day before, I wasn't super excited about heading out around a "pond".  We were not disappointed though - it was absolutely gorgeous.  

This loop ended up giving us a total of 17 miles, which normally is a piece of cake, but there were some decent hills, so we were all ready to relax by the time we made it back to the Jordan Pond House.  By this time, the place was crazy busy!  It's a very popular dining spot and we've heard that you have to stop and have the pop-overs.  Well, the line was pretty long to wait for a table, and after Carys did so great sitting through the bike ride, we figured we wouldn't press our luck trying to make her sit through lunch.  Instead, we pulled out the picnic blanket and sandwiches that we brought and got some yummy, ice-cold blueberry soda from the gift shop.  I'm not sure what we missed by not getting the pop-overs, but our lunch was pretty tasty!

"What? We're done? I could have rode 17 more miles."

"Dad, you know that really big hill? Next time, I want to go up to the top."
After our bike ride, we went back to the Red House to chill. This was supposed to be the warmest day of the week, so we decided to head back to Sand Beach for the afternoon and this time let Carys splash in the water.  She loved playing on the beach!  The water was really cold, so we only got our legs wet, but Carys didn't seem to mind.  She was sitting in the sand playing, while the waves would crash up around her.  After the wave would roll out she'd hurry and grab the new seaweed it brought.  She had a blast!

Grandpa, Scott and I decided to head back to our blanket and have some snacks while Carys walked around the beach with Grandma.  Well, I guess we weren't the only ones hungry because as soon as I pulled out my slice of cheese - I got attacked by a sea gull!  It was crazy - it happened so fast I wasn't sure what was going on, but my FIL saw the whole thing and apparently, the bird landed right next to me (I'm pretty sure it's wings hit my head) and grabbed my arm and fingers.  The crazy bird didn't get my cheese, but I decided not to take any more chances, so I buried my cheese in the sand as quick as I could!  What's even more unbelievable is this is NOT the first time I've been attacked by a sea gull.  The first attack was quite a few years ago while I was at Cedar Point.  I had just bought some nachos and was walking back to my table, when a bird landed on my head, stole a chip and flew away!  So, long story short - I HATE sea gulls!

After the beach we headed back home and after Carys crashed for the night, we had a nice steak dinner and relaxed for the night.  


This was the day that we reserved a whale watching tour, so we just hung out for the morning.  I did some shopping, Scott went for a bike ride and Grandma & Grandpa kept Carys.  Then we headed downtown to board the Atlanticat of the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.  We were a little nervous that the ride was going to be 3-4 hours long and we weren't sure how Carys would do, but she was fine.  The one thing I didn't anticipate was sea-sickness!  The weather was beautiful that day and the sea was really calm, so it's not something I was thinking about, but about 20 minutes into the cruise Grandma and I were both feeling pretty ill.   Thankfully the boat was well-equipped with Dramamine.  Of course Navy veteran Grandpa, was perfectly fine, but Scott didn't want to take any chances, so the three of us took some.

It helped to hang out on the deck, instead of being inside the cabins.  The one time I really thought I was going to lose it was when I took Carys in the cabin for a diaper change - I ended up having to have Scott finish!  After that though, the dramamine kicked in and we got out to the spot where a couple of humpback whales were hanging out.  So this is what we saw...

We probably hung out for about an hour just watching them surface and blow their blow holes.  I do have to say that I was disappointed that we didn't see either whale's tails, but it was pretty cool knowing how large and majestic these creatures are to see them in real life.  Carys was completely fascinated with the whales though, so it was a good thing we brought plenty of snacks!  She was also pretty antsy from being held the whole ride out, so she wanted to get down and stretch her legs.  Thankfully I found a spot on the upper deck behind all the seats that was a perfect runway for her to walk back and forth.  So, Mom sat on one side and Dad was on the other.  I don't think this girl could have been happier to finally have some freedom to roam back and forth!

After getting her exercise, Carys was pretty worn out and past nap time, so we went down to the galley and Dad got BOB, our trusty stroller.  I laid her down in the stroller and she was sleeping in no time!!  We did some shopping in Bar Harbor after we docked and then went back home to let Grandma and Grandpa get ready for their date night out.  Scott and I had a quiet night after Carys went to bed.  Mostly, I slept on the couch while Scott made dinner and got everything ready for our bike ride the next morning!  Not exactly the most romantic way to spend our evening alone, but I was exhausted and thankfully I have a sweet husband that didn't mind me catching up on some sleep!

Okay, so that was two more days and next post I'll finally finish up our week!  I know Grandma Alice is anxiously waiting for these re-caps!!  Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. oh I love how Carys is along with you on all these adventures!!! cute pictures!

  2. Thanks Kim! I'm so glad she likes going on adventures - we have so much fun with her!

  3. I was seriously just telling my husband the other day how much I want to visit Maine! It looks beautiful!! Great pictures! Just stumbled on your blog, so cute, and following along! You have a beautiful family!! Your little girl is adorable!

  4. Heather - Maine is a long way from Texas! But I don't think you'd regret your visit at all - it's beautiful and lots to do. You should go ;) Thanks for following!