Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rest of our Easter Weekend

Scott was on-call this past weekend, so we didn't make any plans for Easter.  We learned a long time ago that this works best.  That way if we get interrupted by a work call neither of us gets frustrated if "our plans" have to change.  We still had a fun, relaxing weekend though and it was actually nice to avoid the holiday stress of trying to plan too much! 

On Friday afternoon the library we attend for story time was hosting an Easter egg hunt, so even though the weather looked dicey, I took Carys to meet the Easter bunny and to do her first egg hunt!  Before we left though we had a little photo shoot!

Warning: Scott got me a new camera for my birthday.  It's awesome.  I haven't a clue how the heck to use it, but that hasn't stopped me from taking a zillion pictures. So prepare for picture overload!

The bug and the belly!

ps. If you see my husband, please do me a favor and tell him how awesome my pictures are now.  Might make him feel a little better about his purchase! ;)

Okay, back to the egg hunt.  Thankfully the rain held off and even though it was still a little cold none of the kids seemed to mind.  In fact, there were over 100 kids that showed up!  So, our little library was pretty crowded, but we had a really good time.  Each child was able to collect 10 eggs and Carys picked up on the concept right away and went to work gathering eggs!
This is so easy - I can do it with my eyes closed!

Favorite new saying: "Dere dit doe?" 
Translation: "Where'd they go?" She says this while flicking her little hand up & down. It's adorable.

After gathering our eggs, it was time to meet the Easter bunny.  Carys loves characters, but I wasn't sure how she would react when I sat her on his lap.  I told her that she could show the Easter bunny all the eggs that she found, so after I sat her down and we snapped a few pics - she wasn't happy when I made her leave!  As I was trying to make way for the next kid, she kept pointing to the bunny and then her eggs - I guess she wanted to make sure he saw what a good job she did!  By the way - In my mind the Easter bunny has always been a male, but the sparkly, pink vest making me think I could be wrong?! 

After meeting the bunny, we waited in line to exchange our eggs for some treats.  It was a ridiculously long line and I had doubts that we'd make it to the end, but thankfully there were some older boys behind us.  I guess they were bored, because they made it their mission to entertain Carys - complete with singing, dancing & puppets!  Carys wasn't sure what to think of them, but thankfully she didn't mind sticking around and watching - from the safety of my legs, of course.

Checking out some fiction while we wait.
After all that fresh air and waiting in line, Carys and I came home a took a nice nap - I was exhausted!  Then Friday night we had our friends, Tim & Mary over.  Even though we live close by, it's difficult getting our schedules to line up, so it was great to have a chance to finally catch up with them.  

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we took advantage of it and hung out in the backyard all afternoon.  This girl loves being outside and helping her dad.


After having a blast playing outside (and staying out a little too late), we hurried in to eat dinner and dye Easter eggs.  Carys was hungry and tired at this point, so she was a little edgy.  After dinner, she was excited to dye eggs, but absolutely refused to let us put a shirt on her!  Instead of pushing the issue, we figured less stains would actually be a good thing.  So, while I did take quite a few pictures, for modesty's sake (I'm sure Carys will appreciate this when she's older) I've decided only to post one picture from that night! 

Edited of course! ha!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!    

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