Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Months & "Up Nort"

It's so hard to believe that our baby will be three months old tomorrow.  It feels like time is flying by and at the same time it's hard to remember our family without Harper.  She is just such a sweet angel and we enjoy her so much!

Happy 3 Months!

Harper has been such a great baby.  She started sleeping 8 hours through the night between 6-7 weeks old.  Now, with occasional exceptions, she is averaging around 10 - 11 hours a night (and that makes this momma SO happy!!)  I'm thankful that so far we have had two really good sleepers (especially with all the warnings we received about 2nd babies!)  I'm sure most of it is luck of the draw, but I think we've also had some great resources to help us set up bedtime routines and nap schedules.  We used the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child with Carys, and I've referenced it quite a few times again with Harper.  With Harper I also did a Moms On Call  online seminar and I loved it.  Both resources helped us so much, and I would have been pretty clueless without them! 

We have been having some issues with Harper eating lately though.  At her 2 month check-up her Dr. thought she may be having some heartburn caused by reflux and he prescribed Zantac.  Since she was only fussing here and there I didn't fill the prescription right away, but last week it really ramped up and it was hard to get her to eat.  Every time she would start eating she would end up screaming after the first couple of minutes.  Then it was hard to get her to eat at all after that.  There have been a few days were I felt like she didn't get enough to eat, and then sure enough she was waking up during night to eat.  We started her on the medicine and I honestly haven't noticed a real difference.  This is her second week on it, so we'll follow up with the doctor again next week and hopefully get more answers.  

Other than that though...Harper is still just a easy-going, sweet baby.  She loves to watch her sister and it's so cute to watch her eyes follow Carys around the room.  She also likes to "play" more now too.  She has started hitting the hanging toys on her activity mat and she really stares at any toys you put in front of her.  And just like her sister, she loves the star that lights up and plays music.  She'll smile non-stop at that!  

And of course, big sister is always nearby!

Harper loves bath time.  We've been giving her a bath in the sink, just to save our knees and back from bending over the tub, but she's pretty much out of room, and with the way she likes to kick her legs we'll need to switch pretty soon.   

More playtime! 

Harper is so much more alert now and she really likes being able to look around.  I was showing Scott how I hold her and he did it the same way only his arms are MUCH longer, so it looked pretty ridiculous!

We had our first "movie night" with the girls.  Carys loved it!  We got out the sleeping bags, made some popcorn (Grandpa Tom style ), and watched Tangled.  Since then Carys has been asking to "watch moosie night again" nonstop!

This past weekend we headed up north to Boyne Mountain for a little weekend getaway.  Uncle Hoon and Brooke met us up there and we didn't have much on the agenda other than just hanging out.  

Happy girl even though mom put her hat on crooked! 

Harper was pretty fussy trying to eat on Saturday, so the two of us just hung out in our room while everyone else headed outside.  Of course, after seeing the playground, Carys didn't let them get too far.   

Carys doesn't like to do anything when Brooke is around without asking "Brooke too?"

After I finally got Harper to eat and settled down we headed out to grab some pizza for lunch.

Of course we had to check out the swans and ducks first.

We love getting to spend time with these two!

Look!  We found some snow.  Uncle Hoon showed Carys how to crunch the snow with her boots and she was all over that!

After naptime, we hit the indoor waterpark.  And yes, that's some pretty sweet bedhead she's sporting here!

Carys was a little slow to warm up at first, but she did all the big waterslides with Dad.  Even the scary tunnel slide that Uncle Hoon tried to warn against, but was too late.  Carys arrived at the bottom pretty wide eyed, but wanting to go again!  

We had a great time with Uncle Hoon and Brooke and were so glad they could come with us.  Every time we leave the house Carys asks if we are going "up Nort with Unca Hoon and Brooke?"  So, we can't wait to chill with them again over the holidays!

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