Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Days of My Life

...began four years ago today, when I said "I do" to my absolutely amazing husband. 

 Happy anniversary Scott!  I'm so blessed to be able to share my life with you and Carys, and so thankful to have you as a partner.   

The weekend of our wedding was so much fun and I have so many great memories.  We had family and friends arriving from out of town and it was so special to know that everyone was there to help us celebrate.  We received one of our favorite presents early.  Scott's brother, David, got us this tandem bike and it was so cool!

Our rehearsal dinner was so relaxing and fun.  All of our friends and immediate family were there, and we just enjoyed visiting, telling stories and laughing.  My mom and Scott's dad both gave toasts that made us laugh and cry - it was the perfect start!

After getting ready at home that morning, we made our way to the church.  I was so excited!

Our ceremony was beautiful, and everything I had hoped for - I really felt the vows that we made to each other that day in the presence of God, friends and family.  It wasn't just about getting a piece of paper to 'make it official'.   I really believe that our commitment to each other became a strong, spiritual bond.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it's hard to describe other than to say that even though I knew Scott meant it when he asked me to marry him, that day I felt our commitment to each other so strongly, and it really was amazing.

Overall our wedding weekend was awesome!  Even though there were some hiccups, like the florist calling the day before and saying all my flowers were dead, or the reception hall seating 8 chairs at every table when I requested and planned for 10, at the end of the day I knew I would be married to my best friend and all of the people that we loved most would be there to help us celebrate, so none of those silly details mattered.  

Happy Anniversary Scott - the last 4 years have been amazing and I look forward to celebrating our life together for many, many years to come!


  1. This is why we love you so much, Christa! You are the most amazing daughter-in-law anyone could ask for. You have so enriched our lives. Happy anniversary. Love you!

    Mom and Dad V.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day :)

  3. Such a beautiful group of wedding Pictures.

    I'm following from Bloggy Moms. I'd follow on twitter but there is not a way to let you choose

  4. Happy Anniversary Christa and Scott!!