Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Thursday

Scott didn't have to go into work until late this afternoon, so we were able to spend the day together.  Carys had her swim lesson this morning, so it was really cool that Scott was able to go with us.  Carys finally had FUN!  It started a little rocky at first, but we decided not to put the water wings on her after she screamed anytime they came near her!  This is a new thing - she has learned to scream and scream loud - really loud.  Not exactly our favorite thing that she does, but we're working on helping her tone it down - at least that's our goal.  It's TBD if we'll be effective.  It's hard to know when to ignore undesirable behavior and when to address it - especially at this age, so if you have any words of wisdom feel free to share!  Anyway, back to swimming -- after steering clear of the water wings, Carys had tons of fun practicing her water skills.  She 'jumped' into the pool and went under water 3 times today and did awesome.  It's pretty scary letting your child go under water, but she did great.  After swim, we decided to grab a quick lunch since Carys had a nap before her lesson.

We started out okay, but Carys quickly went downhill and after refusing to sit in her highchair any longer, Scott took her outside while I grabbed the check and a doggy bag.  We headed home after that and just relaxed together for the rest of the day.  Carys is definitely starting to show signs of wanting to be more independent and that she has a very strong will.  I think this will be an asset for her when she gets older, but I can also see that this may be a little more challenging for us along the way! ;)  Thankfully at this point, she is very easily distracted, so when she's upset it never lasts long.

 She had just woken up from her nap here (note the hair) and wasn't happy that I wouldn't let her put her doll down the laundry chute.

2 seconds later:  Oh - hi Daddy!  I'm fine now!


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