Friday, November 19, 2010

15 Months

This post is a little over due, but at the beginning of this month Carys was 15 months old.  I really can't believe how quickly time is going by - I know I say that every month, but it's so true!

Yesterday we had her 15 month check up and I can say one thing for sure.  When Carys doesn't like something she is not afraid to let the whole world know, or at least the entire Dr.'s office.  She was fine playing with the toys in the waiting room, but as soon as we walked into the exam room - she took one look at the table and the meltdown began.  The poor girl trying to take her measurements had to get help from another girl in the office and between the three of us we were able to get the job done.  Poor Carys, I even asked for her sucker early to try to help her calm down, but nothing worked.  She screamed and clung to me and pointed to the door.  She wanted out!  Thankfully everyone was really sensitive, and helped us get everything done as quickly as possible!  Then as soon as we left she was a happy camper again!  Before we left I heard the doctor say (it was pretty difficult to have a conversation with all the screaming) that she was growing and developing just fine and she was in the 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height.  He did confirm again that she's a little chunky, but nothing we have to worry about.  I did let him know that she is a great eater - I really can't think of anything that she's absolutely refused to eat and we've tried a lot of different things.  She's like her Momma - loves food!

She looked like such a big girl in her jeans, just laying there 'reading' a book!

Carys is really amazing us with how much she understands.  She still isn't saying much (her only words are Mumma, Dada and Ah-dah (which still has multiple meanings)), but she knows SO much.  She still loves to read and in every book we have (and we have a LOT) she can point out most of the objects in the pictures when asked.  She knows the signs for milk, eat, more, hot, bath and monkey (ha!) and also can point to most of her body parts.  She also can point out people in the room if you ask, Where's Grandma? Where's Daddy? Where's Nick? etc.

A couple other things to share... last month Carys experienced a few firsts! (in no particular order)

She had her first Sonic apple juice slush!  I'm addicted to Sonic diet vanilla cokes, but unfortunately since we moved the nearest Sonic is about 45 minutes away.  It is right next to Costco though, so at least we can get a treat once a month after our Costco trip!  It also comes in handy as a great distraction while I unload the car!

Another BIG first... was this girl finally has some teeth!!!!

As you can see I wasn't too successful in getting a shot of them, but her two, front, bottom teeth came in at right about the same time.  I could see them, but couldn't feel them.  Then the Monday before Halloween she took a drink out of my water glass and I heard them!  I think more are on their way because she still chews on everything (mostly her hands) and has been a little whiny.  She did really good eating pretty much anything without them, but we are glad they are finally coming out!  Just one more thing though that's reminding me she's no longer our little baby - those adorable gummy smiles are grown up now too!

She got her first ice cream cone after we visited the pumpkin patch.  
It wasn't just any ice cream either - it was a chocolate custard cone from Jimmy's!  So yummy!

She was all business, and polished off her kiddie cone so fast!  Of course, she didn't want to stop eating to smile for the camera, so you'll just have to trust me that she loved it!

Another thing she started this past month was walking backwards.  She loves to run around the house after her bath and one night she just turned around and walked backwards into her room.  She had a look on her face that was hilarious - it pretty much said..."Whoa, check me out - I am so cool!"  She was definitely proud of herself and while I was cracking up laughing at her, Scott was panicking that she was going to run into something!  She did pretty good avoiding the walls though, and we all spent the night laughing as she would run around, and then suddenly spin and moonwalk!  We did get a video, but of course she always gets shy when we whip that out, so it's not the best one of her performances that night.  I would upload it anyway, but I can't find my cord. Sorry!

So that's about it for the highlights of the past month.  Carys is really such a joy to be around and everyday I'm so thankful that God blessed our lives with her.  Sure, we have our moments - she's definitely learning to be more 'outspoken' about getting her way and we are feeling a little challenged entering this new phase of having to start disciplining her (which thankfully is rare at this point), but really she is so sweet and fun and we love her more than we ever thought possible!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

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  1. Carys!

    Thank your mommy for the post...we have missed you so much and enjoy hearing about your newest adventures and growth spurts! Look for a package coming your way soon. The Thanksgiving turkey picked it up today! You are so beautiful and we miss you so much!

    G'ma and G'pa V.