Friday, November 19, 2010

Swim Date

Scott has been working a lot of hours lately.  That combined with a trip out of town meant that he hasn't had much time to spend with Carys lately, so we were super excited when he called yesterday to say his schedule was clear for a few hours and he was going to meet us at swim class!  

She had so much fun swimming with both her mommy and daddy!  Carys is in the middle of her second round of classes and is doing so well.  I almost didn't sign up for this session, but I'm glad we did.  She loves the water, and even though we had a rocky start to her lessons, she's really improved and now loves to go.  Most weeks I have a hard time getting her out of the pool!  

Her instructor is so sweet and has an awesome camera/video recorder that is completely waterproof.  She took some pictures during our last couple of lessons and was kind enough to send them to me.  The two pictures above are from the one and only time she wore water wings.  She actually wanted them on!  Before that and since then - she screams whenever they get close to her!  

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