Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Today we went to cut down our Christmas tree and it was a winter wonderland outside!  I was ready to get our tree in November, but Scott has been working a lot of hours, so we wanted to wait until he had some time off.  I was so excited to wake up this morning and see snow!  It was a perfect day to hunt for our tree!  

First I have to show you what Carys looked like this morning.  Scott got her dressed and then she wanted her mittens and boots on, so she was running around the house looking crazy!  She's been wanting to wear these boots ever since we brought them home.  Auntie Jenn, mom of our favorite quads, passed them along to us.  They are a little big, but Carys loves them!

We all got bundled up for the cold, and headed out to the farm.  Carys is not looking too happy here because Dad went outside without her! 

We were excited to get Carys outside when we got to the tree farm.  She hasn't played in the snow yet, but we were pretty sure she was going to love it...and she did!  They had sleds to help you drag your tree back, so we grabbed one, put Carys in and told her to hang on!

Not sure at first...

 but I think she liked it!

 Dad even let Mom climb in and he took us both for a ride!

After sledding through the trees, we found one we liked and stopped to let Scott cut it down.  Carys did pretty good walking in the snow, as long as she stayed on our sled trail.  It got a little too tricky for her when she veered off and tried to break trail!

I gave her a snowball and of course she had to taste it, yummy!

Scott didn't waste much time - he cut this down before we could yell "timber"!

Eating more snow...

Our master tree chopper!

After we got our tree bundled, we loaded up and headed home.  The snow had been coming down pretty good, so Scott started shoveling and of course, Carys wanted to stay outside and play too! 

She was having a blast, but the snow was pretty wet, so her hands were soaked.  I decided it was time to head inside before she got too cold, and she was not happy about this idea.  I think she would have played out there all afternoon!

After we got inside, we got down to business decorating the tree.  Carys loved checking out the lights, and I so wish I would have gotten a picture of her face when we first plugged them was pure joy!  She helped pull out all of the ornament boxes and stayed so busy getting them ready for me to hang on the tree.  

(notice she has her boots back on!)

Today was one of the reasons I so love this season.  We got outside in the beautiful, white, fluffy snow, listened to Christmas music while we decorated the tree, and had a great time together as a family.  And now we are going to curl up in the glow of the lights with the whole house smelling like fresh pine, and watch a movie - pretty much a perfect day in my book!


  1. It does "look like" a perfect day to me too!

  2. The only thing that would make it more perfect, in our book, is if we could have shared it with you! Carys is a pretty lucky girl, to have such wonderful parents! Thanks for sharing this special day with us. Can't wait to introduce her to the UP snow. So glad she loves the outdoors.

    G'ma and G'pa V.