Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Big and Little

The night Harper was born, Carys came up to meet her little sister.  It was a really quick visit because it was close to Carys's bedtime and Carys didn't like the fact that Mommy was in bed and couldn't get up, so we didn't want to push it.  She checked out her little sister and even gave her a couple of kisses, but then she was more excited to open her Big Sister present from Harper.  She also got an extra special Big Sister gift from Aunt Nettie, but we'll show that in a different post.  So, anyway here's our Big and Little - both have captured our hearts completely, and we feel so extremely blessed to have two sweet girls!

First picture as a family of four!

 Kisses for Harper

Another kiss - Such a sweet Big Sister! 

And here's a few more shots from Harper Alice's birth day.  We will be going home tomorrow, so right now I'm just enjoying lots of cuddle time with our sweet girl.  She has been so mellow.  She's not a fan of getting her diaper changed and was awake more last night than she's been yesterday or today, but I'm loving having some one on one time with her.  I know once we get home, things will be a little crazy with a toddler and a newborn, so I'm soaking in the calm of the hospital while I can!


We are so thankful for this beautiful, little girl!

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