Saturday, September 17, 2011

Special Delivery

Tuesday, August 23rd started as a normal day for us.  Carys had gymnastics that morning and I had my weekly non-stress test and doctor's visit right after that.  Aunt Nettie was in town, so she and my mom came to gymnastics with us, and then they stayed with Carys while I went to my Dr's appointment.  During Lynnette's visit she kept teasing me that I needed to have the baby on Tuesday because she was flying home early Wednesday morning and wanted to meet her niece before she left.  Well, amazingly she got her wish!

At my appointment, my doctor noticed that Harper's heart rate had dropped a few times during my test, and had me get an ultrasound to check my fluid levels.  My fluid was measuring low, so he decided we needed to discuss my delivery options.  I had hoped to have a natural delivery this time around, but my doctor and I agreed early on that if any complications came up we would just go ahead with another c-section.  So, with the dropping heart rate and low fluid, he thought it would be best to have a c-section.  He mentioned that we could go ahead have the baby that afternoon or he could check the schedule for the next day.  I didn't hesitate - I said, "Today is good! I'm ready!"  And before I could even text Scott with an update, I was scheduled and told to report to the hospital in 3 hours!  The rest of the day flew by as I ran home to pack and update everyone on the news.  Scott met me at home and after putting Carys down for her nap (and trying to hide my tears at leaving her) our bags were packed and we were ready to go.

Things moved just as quickly at the hospital too.  As soon as we arrived they moved us into our suite and began prepping me for surgery.  Before I knew it I was walking into the OR and not long after that meeting our sweet, tiny baby girl!  Harper was beautiful and perfect, and even though she was a little bit bigger than Carys when she was born, I was still amazed at how tiny she was.  We stayed in the hospital until Friday and during that time I couldn't get enough of holding, cuddling and looking at her.

Of course, there were some other people that couldn't wait to meet her and stopped by to see us at the hospital.  Some of our special visitors...

Aunt Nettie made Carys a painting for her new room and wanted her to have it as a big sister gift.  She had left it with our mom, but thankfully everything worked out and she was there to give it to Carys herself.  I was so happy Lynnette was able to meet Harper before heading home, and still can't believe the timing worked so perfectly!  Also, Aunt Mary Beth stopped by with flowers for Harper, but I unfortunately didn't get a picture before she left.

Aunt Lisa

David aka Uncle Hoon

Grandma Alice with Harper Alice!

Grandpa Tom

Grandma Judy

Our friends Tim and Mary also stopped to see us, but again I missed getting a picture.  

Carys visited again and was much happier that I was able to be up and walking around with her.  She was really checking her sister out this time!

Happy Big Sister

Daddy and Harper

Momma's sweet girls

Our happy family!  

Both of our girls surprised us with early arrivals, and we are just so incredibly thankful that they were born healthy, strong babies!

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