Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let's Chat

Harper has really started focusing more on our faces and she loves when you talk to her.  She gets this happy look on her face and has even started smiling back at us. She's also started cooing a little, and will repeat the "ahh" sound back to me.  We've switched up her schedule a little bit and are doing tummy-time / play time right after she eats.  She has always fallen asleep when she's done eating, and I used to just let her sleep, but then she would always wake up too soon and be cranky thinking it was time to eat again.  Now I give her about five minutes and then lay her on a blanket for tummy time.  This wakes her up and lets her have some happy time to play.  It seems to be working really well and Carys loves it too.  She always wants to do tummy-time with Harper and loves to get right in her face.  She was talking to Harper the other day and Harper was "talking" back and smiling.  It was so adorable.  I love seeing these two start to interact.  I know that Harper is going to love watching her big sister and we can already see that Carys loves keeping her entertained!


I hope this is the first of many special conversations these two share!

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