Friday, September 30, 2011

Passion for Two...Wheels

Scott signed up on the People for Bikes website to support cycling and he shared his story on why he rides.  Well, someone must have liked his story because they featured it on the main story page!  (If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you'll it)  We thought that was pretty cool!  Anyway, since it probably won't be there forever here is the picture he posted along with his "story."  

I ride for fitness, I ride for the environment, I race for fun, I ride in hopes that my two daughters will inherit my love of all things that go on two wheels, most of all though, I ride because when I'm riding I sort out all the things, that for me cannot be sorted anywhere else.  Cycling is my addiction….and for this I ride.
Scott and I started riding together while we were dating, and we have had so many fun (and sometimes crazy) adventures together on two wheels.  It makes me so happy to see that he is now sharing this passion with Carys and I'm sure he'll do the same with Harper.  It's a great way to spend time as a family, and I'm so looking forward to sharing many more adventures together with our girls!

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