Saturday, May 5, 2012

LHC, Part 2

I thought I would finish up our trip to Lake Havasu City in this post, but we took A LOT of pictures, so I may have to do one more post after this. So, like I said in this post we had a pretty low-key week spending as much time outside near the water as we could, but we loved every minute. So, I'll mostly just let the pictures speak for themselves.

A photo shoot with the girls never turns out the way I envision it in my head. Oh well, they had fun!

On Wednesday, we rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon. We packed a late lunch / early dinner and set off on the lake. This was Harper's first time in a life vest and she wasn't sure what to think. 

O Captain, my Captain...

We scheduled our trip for the afternoon, so it would be nice and warm. This was also right in the middle of Carys's nap time, so we knew she might be a little tired. Although we certainly didn't expect her to fall asleep less than 10 minutes after leaving the dock!

As soon as we stopped though, she was up and ready to explore. Her favorite thing to do is stand on the beach and throw rocks into the water. She could do this ALL day!

Her rock throwing attracted a few visitors, of course they were hoping for more than just rocks.

Harper loved watching the water. 

She was perfectly happy doing that until Grandma dipped her toes in the chilly water. She was not loving that! And for the record, this was Dad's idea, not Grandma's.


We had so much fun on the boat. It was a beautiful afternoon and Carys was hilarious. After we stopped to grill our hot dogs, we cruised up and down the channel. There were a lot of Spring breakers hanging out, blasting music from their boats and Carys was dancing and waving to everyone on our way through. She heard a Taylor Swift song and got really excited saying, "We have this song at our house!"

So, I'll wrap up with this funny video of our sweet girl busting a move!

Happy Weekend!

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