Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Future Soccer Star and her Official Soccer Mom

At the last minute, I was able to sign Carys up for soccer through our city summer recreation program. The class is for ages 3-4, but they had a of couple openings, so they let her in a little early. She was excited to start this morning and even posed for a couple of pictures before we left.   

After I signed her in one of the coaches said she could go out and kick some balls. She ran out on the field and never looked back. I was trying to keep Harper from crawling away, so I only got a couple of pictures through the fence, but here is our sweet girl in action. 

They were supposed to be running laps, but Carys was busy gathering soccer balls. She carried both of these balls around the whole first lap.

It is so fun to watch Carys experience new things and I love that she was so excited to get out there and play. No matter what she decides to play in the future or her physical ability one thing is certain - she is never going to have bigger fans than her mom and dad! 

Bend it like Beckham baby!!

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