Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ready for Takeoff

We had another busy weekend with a trip back to our house in Michigan to tackle some more home improvement projects.  Well, Scott tackled them with the help of Uncle David who drove in again for the weekend.  I spent my time keeping Carys occupied, which pretty much meant that we had to leave the house.  If Daddy's around, Carys wants to be right there with him and since she's not much help when it comes to plumbing - we needed to make ourselves scarce, so Scott could get something done.

The boys worked super hard all day and accomplished some much needed work.  Carys and I had a fun and busy day.  We met our friends Tonya and Nick at the park for a play date.  We had a blast and are so looking forward to spending more time with these two once we get settled back at home.  Tonya brought Nick's wagon, so we strapped the two of them in.  After we went for a walk, we hit the swings, which both kids love!  Then while Nick kept the squirrels busy by chasing them all over the park, Carys checked out everything on the ground.  She loves feeling the cement, pulling grass and picking up wood chips.  I had to keep a close eye on her because apparently, wood chips are pretty tasty.  I ended up pulling more than one from her mouth!  Around this time, we realized the kiddos were probably getting hungry, so we strapped them back in the wagon and unloaded our food supplies. The kids had a blast eating together in the wagon.  They took turns feeding each other and stealing trading sippy cups.  By the time lunch was over, the kids and the wagon were one big, hot mess and everyone was ready for a nap!  We said goodbye to Tonya and Nick, and finished the day running errands and stopping by Grandma's place for a quick visit. 

I am seriously slacking these days because I failed to take any pictures all weekend.  We did get this quick video though after we got home today.  Carys took her first solo steps on the 4th and we've been practicing ever since.  She gets so excited that we have a hard time getting her to calm down long enough for her to catch her balance, but when she does she'll takeoff and get a few steps in before crashing into mom or dad.  Today was the first time she walked to the couch instead of mom or dad.  I think that means she's getting a little braver!  

We are exhausted and tired of driving, but we know that this work will be worth it when we finish the big move next week!  

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