Saturday, July 17, 2010

11 Months

Carys you are 11 months and I can't believe your first birthday is right around the corner! 

I think you are still around 20 pounds, and I'm pretty sure you've grown a few inches taller - we'll see for sure at your 12 month check up.  You still wear size 6-12 or 12 month clothes, size 3 diapers during the day, and size 4 at night.  Mom and Dad love that you are still a really good sleeper and take a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 1 hour nap in the afternoon.  Bedtime is right around 7 pm and you'll sleep until 6:45 - 7 am the next morning.  

You have gotten much more mobile in the last couple of weeks.  You can take a few steps on your own and are even getting brave enough to do it without Mom or Dad waiting to catch you.  You still have not crawled, but you can pull up, roll and scoot around to get to things you want, but sometimes you whine quite a bit because you want help to stand back up again.  You also like to sit on your bottom and use your legs to move in a circle.  You love your doll stroller and use that to get around, but you also discovered that a laundry basket will work too!  When we help you walk, you like to hold onto our hand instead of us holding on to you.  I think this is your way of letting us know that you are trying to be more independent!


For the most part, you're still a pretty good eater.  Although you are driving us a little crazy because you've decided it's fun to spit your food out after you chewed it a few times.  Meal times have become quite a big mess thanks to this little 'trick'!  We've tried switching your formula to sippy cups, but you are NOT interested in that at all.  You'll drink water from a cup, straw or sippy cup, but not formula!  I stopped nursing you just last week - we had gotten down to just one feeding at night, but now we are done completely.  I thought it would be hard to stop, but I think we were both ready and it was pretty easy.

A couple more firsts - you've learned to wave Hi/Bye and give high-fives, and you think that's a lot of fun!  You love to play with anything that's not a toy, and you almost bought a $39.99 pay-per-view show off the TV last time you had the remote!  It's been so hot that we've gone to the pool and the beach a couple of times and you LOVE the water.  We're excited to move into our house and have a pool in the backyard for you!

I can't believe your first year is almost over, but we have loved every minute with you.  You make us laugh everyday and even though we are exhausted by the end of the day and need a break, we still miss you when you go to bed at night and can't wait to come in and get you in the morning, and you are always so happy to see us!  We love you sweet girl!   


  1. She's a cutie! are you planning a big 1st birthday party for her?

  2. I am going to miss you guys so much. Keep up the blog so I can see how big this sweet little girl gets :)