Sunday, March 27, 2011

17 Weeks

I'm 17 weeks! 

I'm so happy to say I'm feeling SO much better now!  I know some women are nauseous throughout their pregnancy, but I'm so thankful mine seems to disappear right around the middle of the 15th week!  

Here is a picture of my belly then and now! We were on our babymoon in Florida when I was 15 weeks with Carys, which explains why I would be wearing a tank top in March! I feel so much bigger this time around, but it's probably just because my belly popped out a little sooner.  Looking at these photos there isn't really much of a difference.

One bummer is that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again.  I was devastated when I found out I had it with Carys, but I knew my chances were pretty high that I would have it again this pregnancy, so it wasn't much of a shock.  Because I had it before, they tested me early.  Anyone who has failed the 1 hour test and had to go through the 3 hour test knows that it's no picnic, but can I just say that it's practically torture when they make you take it while you are still experiencing morning sickness!  I couldn't eat anything all morning, so I arrived at the office already feeling horrible and things just got worse from there.  About half-way through the test, I got sick and apparently getting sick during your test is an automatic fail.  My doctor did say that I could take the test again in a few weeks, if I wanted to be sure, but there was no way I wanted to go through that again!  So, it's back to eating a reduced carbohydrate diet and testing my sugar 4x's a day.  Thankfully with Carys, I was able to control my blood sugar with just diet and exercise, and so far just watching what I eat has been working this time too.

A lot of blogs I read do weekly pregnancy highlights.  I know myself better than to think that I will keep up with this every week, but I figured I would try to do it a few times during this pregnancy because I know I will appreciate being able to look back on it someday.  Also, it's fun to compare this pregnancy to my pregnancy with Carys since I didn't blog back then!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 Weeks
Size of baby: About 5 ounces and 5 inches long, around the size of a baked potato
Maternity Clothes: Yes please! I've been wearing maternity jeans and pants for awhile.  Also wearing my regular pants with a Belly band.  I can still wear most of my normal tops though.
Gender: Don't know yet!
Movement: Last week I started feeling little wiggles, and now it's pretty regular when I am sitting still or laying down.
What I miss: Treats - Ice Cream and Pizza mostly! 
Cravings: Mostly Carbs and Peanut Butter, but with my diet that's gotten a little tricky! I started buying mini bagels, and I love those with cream cheese or with hot ham & cheese.
Symptoms: Just some belly aches and pressure from growing.  It feels more intense this time around and I have to be extra careful when I roll over, cough or sneeze!
Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby start to move - such an amazing feeling!

And of course, I can't do a blog post without some pics of Big Sister

 This is usually what I get when I ask her to smile!

Blast off!

We've started talking to Carys about me having a baby and her being a big sister.  The other day we were looking at a magazine together and there was a picture of a pregnant woman.  I told Carys that she had a baby in her belly, just like Mommy.  She looked at the picture, looked at my belly, and then lifted my shirt to check it out!  It was so cute, and I am constantly amazed at how much she understands.  So, I had to explain that the baby is inside Mommy's belly and she won't be able to see him/her for awhile!  

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