Wednesday, March 9, 2011


First off, thanks for all the kind words about baby #2.  We are so thrilled!  I am due September 3rd, so that puts me in my 15th week.  This is exciting to me for two reasons:

1. We are out of the scary first trimester 
2. This is the magic week that my morning all-day sickness went away when I was pregnant with Carys (fingers crossed)!

So, the last couple of months we have had tons of snow!  That combined with non-stop dry heaves and feeling like I need as much sleep as a newborn meant that I haven't felt like doing much, so with the exception of a few activities here and there, Carys and I have been making like the bears and hibernating!  We did find ways to pass the time though...

Like trying new hair do's, piggy tails!

Pretending the sun was shining,

Baking cupcakes, yum!

Getting excited about a new dishwasher, or at least the giant box it came in!

Bringing some snow inside to play!

Coloring with our friends Minnie Mouse and Baby,

Trying on Daddy's shoes,

Having a tea party with more friends,

and modeling our new backpack!

And if you are wondering how much snow is a lot - check out these pictures...

Poor Scott had to do SO much shoveling and snowblowing, and was running out of places to put it!  Carys loved it though.  She loves to be outside and the cold doesn't seem to bother her one bit.  She definitely has Yooper blood!  In fact, we took her to the park one weekend.  We brought her sled to pull her around, but she was fascinated with trying to walk in the snow and wanted nothing to do with the sled.  

We also went snowshoeing another weekend.  Unfortunately, that didn't last too longer because a blizzard started as soon as we got out of the car.  The snow was coming down so fast and thick it was hard to see.  We did manage to hike out to the lake and back, but that was it.  Both times - I ended up pulling the plug because I was getting cold and both times Carys had a meltdown when we put her back in the car!

I promise - Carys was having fun!

So that about sums up the last couple of months.  Carys started taking gymnastics, so we have been doing that once a week.  It's exhausting chasing her around, but she loves it, so that makes it totally worth it!  Also we did manage to get unburied and escape the snow for a week.  We headed out to sunny Arizona to visit Scott's parents, so stay tuned... I'll be posting those pics soon!   


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