Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving Day

I can't believe it's August already!  I think it's about time that I catch up on what we've been up to.  Moving day pretty much turned into weeks, and I must confess that we are still not completely unpacked!  Oh well, we have gotten a lot done and are starting to feel pretty settled in.  We still have a pretty big checklist, but we've tackled a lot of projects along the way, so we feel pretty good about the progress we've made.  So to recap...on July 21st, we said "good-bye" to Ohio and "Hello" to Michigan!

We rented the biggest U-Haul we could and loaded it to the max then towed Scott's car behind.  We also had my FIL's truck that was towing the Harley, Scott's truck, and the van.  Talk about one crazy procession!

Our original plan was to pack and load all day on Wednesday, spend the night in Ohio, and leave first thing Thursday morning.  Well the boys had a lot of energy and got everything loaded faster than we could pack it up!  By noon, it was looking like we could finish in the next few hours, so we made the decision to leave that afternoon.  Needless to say, those last few hours became complete chaos!  Gone was the organized room by room packing that we started out with.  Instead it become a free-for-all, grab what ever is left and shove it in a box!  Alice was trying to entertain Carys, but by this time she was tired (and probably wondering what the heck was going on) and just wanted her mom or dad (preferably dad).

Wearing Uncle Jr's hat and and helping him move some boxes helped keep her happy!

After we finally got everything packed and checked at least 10 times for anything left behind, the girls jumped into the van and headed North, while the boys stayed to load the trailers.  Our plan was to stop for dinner along the way and let the boys catch up.  But, as you know, nothing goes according to plan!

Instead, the giant U-Haul got a flat tire and the boys were stranded on the side of the highway for 2 hours!  Did I mention that it was hot that day - 94 degrees and humid - not the kind of day that you want to get stuck on the side of the road!  

The boys were really tempted to bust into the cooler they had sitting in the back of the truck, but they (wisely) decided that was not the best idea.  Instead, they pulled out some camp chairs and sat alongside the freeway, chatted, and thankfully kept their spirits up!  

They finally arrived a little after 10pm and got everything secured for the night.  We had pizza and some ice, cold beer ready for them, but it didn't take very long before we were all crashed for the night!
 Moving is not fun, moving with a soon to be toddler, is even less fun.  But, thanks to the hard work of our "crew" we got 'er done with a only a few bumps along the way.  I will say though that we were so excited to get home and settled in, that it really made the effort feel totally worth it!  Thanks Mom & Dad V. and Uncle David for working your tails off!  We so appreciate everything you do for us!

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  1. Just did a "little" move compared to yours! it went pretty smooth! Good luck in Michigan!!