Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good to the Last Drop

So, apparently when I eat my cereal in the morning someone is taking notes.  I always drink my milk straight from the bowl.  Not very lady-like, I know, but it gets the job done.  Well, I gave Carys a bowl of pasta and veggies the other day and let her feed herself.  The bowl has a ring on the bottom that is supposed to suction it to the tray, but of course she figured out how to get it off and when she did it went straight to her mouth!  She had never done this before, so I was cracking up!

Today was another low-key day at home.  I started trying to tackle some of the unpacked boxes in our basement and I have SO much stuff to drop off at Goodwill.  I also cleaned out a cupboard in the dining area of our kitchen and I'm feeling so good about getting stuff organized.  Of course, while I was busy working in the kitchen Carys was busy tearing apart the rest of the house!

We have playgroup again tomorrow morning, and then we'll be running errands in the afternoon.  We weren't able to go last week because we were meeting with friends, so I'm excited to go tomorrow! 


  1. YIKES!!! This will really make me think about how I act in front of our little bug. Don't want her imitating anything but good behaviors. What a doll. She makes me laugh, right out loud. It's easy to see that she is in love with life!

    Grandma V.