Monday, September 13, 2010

Made with Love

Carys was blessed with so many gifts for her birthday and our girl has been having so much fun playing with all of her new toys, reading her new books and wearing her new clothes!  She also received two very special gifts that deserve extra attention.  Both of these gifts were a labor of love and took a lot of time, work and thoughtfulness to come to completion.  I am so touched that our daughter is so loved.

Quilt made by my Aunt Janelle

My Aunt makes the most gorgeous quilts and a few Christmases ago, she made me and my two sisters table runners.  They are beautiful and it was so thoughtful that she styled each one just right for each one of us.  Mine was classic & traditional, Lisa's was fun & cheery and Lynnette's was funky & modern - just like us!  So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard she wanted to make a quilt for Carys.  And I was not disappointed!  It's absolutely beautiful and full of special touches, like the tag above and even the quilting was done in heart shapes!  It's such a wonderful keepsake for Carys and I'm hoping that someday she'll be able to gift it to her daughter.  My aunt works really hard, so the fact that she took her free time to create something so special for my daughter is so touching.  

Memory Book from Grandma Alice 

Grandma Alice put together a book of memories beginning with the day that we found out we were pregnant with Carys and up through her first birthday.  She included emails that I sent her throughout the pregnancy and letters to Carys that detail each visit that we had during that time frame.  I can't even tell you how many times I've looked through it and cried - it's beautiful.  I know that someday Carys will love reading these stories and seeing the pictures.  I appreciate it too, because I was so disappointed that I didn't start this blog when I was pregnant.  It was such a special time and I want to remember every moment.  This book from Alice will preserve those memories and I'm so thankful that she took the time to put it all together!


  1. ahhh sooo sweet! Ryans me ma passed away recently and left cate an old beautiful quilt!! She is soo precious!