Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First Weeks

Our first few weeks home as a family of four really flew by and I can't believe Harper is a month old already.  I was nervous about the challenge of parenting a newborn and a toddler, but I was super fortunate to have lots of help.  Scott was able to take a week off of work and he is always such a big help.  He spent most of his time playing with Carys and keeping up with the house.  I was able to spend my time relaxing with Harper.  Not going to lie, we were both exhausted most of the time and my recovery was a little more rough this time around, but it was nice to just be at home together spending time with our girls!


After our first week home, my in-laws came back down for the weekend.  We had another fun weekend hanging out with family, and were even able to go on our first outing together.  We grabbed some food and headed out to the splash park to let Carys run around and have a picnic.  I think you might be able to tell in these pictures, but Carys had a blast!  She was much braver about getting splashed this time around!  Harper was an angel and spent most of her time snoozing in the shade. 

My amazing MIL stayed the following week with us since Scott was going back to work.  She really was so much help I don't know how I would have survived without her.  She has endless energy and she and Carys played so hard together.  We had a lot of fun with the girls and managed to squeeze a lot into our week.

Girl time!

A bike ride to the park with Daddy and Grandma

Swinging "upside down" - Carys's new favorite

Sweet dreams for this girl!

We gave the girls their first bath together.  Carys liked helping at first, but then she was more interested in getting Harper out to make room for her toys!

Mini photo session with Harper

I know these "smiles" are just reflexes right now, but they still melt my heart.  And if they are any indication of the real smiles to come, then we are going to have a very happy baby on our hands because she practices them all the time!

Carys had her first salon haircut, and I snapped a couple of photos on my phone.  She wasn't too sure at first, but after she found out she could sit on Grandma's lap it was no problem!

I know I'm extremely fortunate to have a MIL that is so caring and supportive.  I don't think most women would want their MIL's around for a week, but I didn't want mine to leave, and I'm not sure who cried harder when she did - me or her!  

Thanks for everything Alice.  There's no question that Carys loves spending time with you, but your support meant the world to both me and Scott.  We loved having you here and are so thankful for everything you do for us!

I was a little nervous about having both of the girls on my own, but we are figuring things out.  We definitely have good days and bad days.  I'm finding on the bad days it helps to just get out of the house.  Even if that means hitting a drive thru for a diet coke, and driving around for a bit - it helps!  The car puts Harper to sleep and Carys has always been good, so it's a few minutes of peace!  I still start sweating when both girls are crying at the same time and it breaks my heart to know that I have to let Harper cry a lot more than I did with Carys.  But we are getting through and I know we'll all be fine.  Harper really has been a great baby so far too.  She hasn't quite figured out that she should sleep more at night than during the day, but other than a little late night fussing she's been really easy.  Nursing her has been a lot easier than Carys, and she is a great eater, so I'm anxious to see what she weighs at her 1 month check-up on Monday.  It looks like she is getting chubbier, so hopefully that means she's gaining like she should.

I'm so excited about life with our two precious girls.  I know time goes by so fast, so I'm trying to soak in every moment and remind myself of this when things get rough.

My three loves...

Sweet angel

Adorable big Sis

And just to keep it real - this is how things get done!

Happy Sunday - Have a great week!


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