Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Cake & Lobster

The Saturday that we arrived at the Red House was Carys's birthday, so we decided to split up in order to get things ready.  The boys ran to the grocery to get supplies for the week, while the girls headed to the house to get some stuff unloaded and let Carys play.  After we unloaded and got Carys settled, she stayed to play with Grandma while I ran into town to pick up her cake!

When we all got back and unpacked, we decided it was time to open presents and have some cake.  Up first the presents....
Her cards played music, so she was shaking it!

She was a little slow on the unwrapping part, mostly she just wanted to tear off a piece and play with that!

 Ever since Uncle Jr. put his hat on her, she is always wanting to steal them, so Grandpa and Grandma thought she should have her own 'pink' one!

Reading her new book with Daddy

After presents, we fed Carys dinner and then it was time for cake! She wasn't too sure at first, but as soon as I gave her a little taste of the frosting, she was tearing into it for more. 

She was sweet and shared with Mommy & Daddy!


She was really getting tired here, so we decided it was time for a bath and bed.  Poor baby had cake up her nose and we were trying to keep her from rubbing her eyes!

It was so fun to watch her enjoy her cake.  I ordered her a chocolate fresh berry cake with vanilla buttercream and it was so good!  The cake I ordered for us was not very good, so we ended up finishing up hers after she was tucked in bed!

On Sunday, we woke up and hit the Farmer's Market to finish up our shopping for the week.  The market was small, but packed with tons of great stuff and we had a lot of fun picking out our dinners for the week.  We knew we wanted to have a lobster dinner, so I visited the seafood truck and bought fresh, live lobster straight from the lobsterman himself!  I was so excited to try lobster.  When I was 15, I had an allergic reaction to the dye that I was given for a cat scan and was told at the time to not eat shellfish.  I haven't eaten it since, but I've always wondered if I was really allergic.  So, after we booked our trip I figured I'd get tested.   I had an allergy test right before we left and it turns out that I'm allergic to just about everything except shellfish!  So, I was definitely pumped for our lobster dinner Sunday night!

Carys helping Grandpa shuck some corn.

The guys getting ready!

Apparently, it's a two-man job!

I have to admit that I was a little sad knowing these guys wouldn't be alive much longer!

and into the pot!

Thankfully since I was a newbie, the Red House came equipped with instructions!

Dinner is served, and the verdict...

Wow - it was so yummy, definitely want to do this again!

Our weekend was pretty hectic traveling to get out to Maine, but it was so nice to get finally get settled, celebrate Carys's birthday and doing some relaxing.  We have a busy week planned though and I can't wait for some of the fun stuff we have coming up!

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  1. She looks so cute with birthday cake all over her! happy birthday!!!