Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maine Trip Re-Cap Part 1

We are home from our vacation in Maine and since I didn't get very far in my posting while we were there - I'll finish up our week there with a couple of re-caps!  I learned a long time ago that vacation Vermullen-style is not about sitting still.  In fact, it's pretty much the opposite.  The days are action packed and by the end, I'm usually completely exhausted.  We always have tons of fun though, so I really wouldn't want it any other way.  I will say though that with so much to do and see in Acadia, I was thankful we had Carys's naps as an excuse for some down time, and I'm pretty sure everyone else felt the same way!


 Map from here

Carys woke up really early this morning.  She was pretty grumpy from not getting enough sleep and it was raining, so we decided to sit tight for the morning and let Carys get a good nap in before we did anything.  

It worked perfectly, Carys woke up happy just as the rain stopped, so we decided to venture into Acadia for the first time.  Our house was right outside one of the park entrances, overlooking Gorham Mountain, so we really could not have been in a better spot to access everything.  This was going to be Carys's first time in her new backpack, so we thought we would start with the Ocean Path, which is an easy hike, but very scenic.  

Not too sure about what's going on...

All right, I think this should be okay...

Yep, I'm good, let's hit the trail!

This hike was absolutely breathtaking!  It followed the coast from Sand Beach down to Otter Cliffs.  We started in the middle and made our way to Otter Cliffs, where we had an amazing view and got to see a lobster boat hard at work.  

After checking out Otter Cliffs, we decided to make our way to Sand Beach.  It took us a little longer than it should have because Carys was ready for lunch, so we had to stop every few steps to feed her some snacks!

More puffs please!

We finally made it to Sand Beach and stopped to have some lunch.  

By this time, Carys was anxious to get down and walk around.

Of course Grandma was more than happy to walk her up and down the beach, and up and down, and up and down!

Carys loved checking out the sand, rocks, sticks and seaweed.

My big girl!

Love this guy!

 It was starting to get a little chilly and Carys was worn out, so we headed back up to the trail to hike back to the car.

Carys looks like she's ready to jump onboard a lobster boat and get to work!  We had put her coat on, but as soon as we were away from the water it warmed right back up.

By the time we made it back to the car, this girl was completely tuckered out and sound asleep in her pack!  The day had started out a little rough, but ended up being beautiful and we loved our first trip into Acadia.  After our hike, we hit the market and then headed back to the Red House to have dinner and chill for the night.

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  1. beautiful pictures! Looks like a great vacation.