Monday, August 9, 2010

The Red House

We are on vacation this week on Mount Desert Island in Maine - home of Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.  This is our home away from home, The Red House, and I was so excited when we finally arrived.  It's even more charming then the pictures, and has everything we'll need for the week!  It's also right outside of Bar Harbor, so we're close to everything. 

We are here with Scott's parents and we've already realized that a week won't be long enough to see and do everything we want to!  It was a long drive to get here though, so we are trying to pack in as much as we can!  

We had a 16 hour drive, so we were nervous about Carys being trapped in the car for so long.  We left after Scott got out of work on Thursday afternoon and made it as far as Utica, NY.  Carys did really well during the drive, but she doesn't fall asleep as easily as she used to in her car seat and at her normal 7 pm bedtime, when it's still light outside - she was still wide-eyed!  I think she finally fell asleep around 9 pm, and we decided to keep driving for a couple more hours.  After we checked into the hotel though, the Bug was wide awake and overtired, which every parent knows is not a great combo!  It was rough trying to get her settled down, but she finally passed out and thankfully slept the rest of the night.  

Friday was pretty uneventful until we hit some major traffic North of Boston.  I have GPS on my phone, so we decided to get off the highway and try to "skirt" the traffic by taking some back roads.  Well, I will admit that I'm not the greatest navigator under normal conditions because I have trouble making quick decisions, add in crazy traffic, unknown back roads, a whiny baby, and a frustrated husband and well, let's just say it wasn't pretty!  Scott and I have made a pact that from here on out - we NEVER leave the highway unless we are in very familiar territory.        

After finally getting through the worst of the traffic, we stopped in Portsmouth, NH to get some exercise and snacks before finishing our drive for the day.  We LOVED Portsmouth!  It was a beautiful city and we were bummed we couldn't spend more time exploring.  We did get the Bug nice and wore out by letting her cruise up and down the streets though.

After our stop in Portsmouth, we hit the road again to finish up our drive for the day.  We stopped in Freeport, ME for the night.  Scott and I had visited Maine a few years ago in December and stopped in Freeport and loved it, so we were excited to stop again.  The last time we were here, I got a monogrammed L.L. Bean duffle.  Scott had received one as a gift for standing up in his friend's wedding, and he uses it all the time.  I love mine, so of course, Carys had to get her own monogrammed Bean bag while we were here!  So, now we have matching L.L. Bean luggage -we're so classy!

After breakfast and shopping, we hit the road for the final leg of our trip.  Overall, Carys was a trooper.  We had a couple of rough nights because she was overtired, but she did great and we are so glad that is such a good traveler!

Here's our Road Warrior with her favorite toy - her glow worm!

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  1. Hi there!!! The picture with your daughter and her glow worm is so cute. Does she really love it? I have been wanting to get some new toys for Jillian.